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Sorry i am late!

Hi ladies.

I have been stalking you all for 6 weeks or so now!

I was too scared to join a group, I joined DIO last year and MMC so I wanted to make sure everything was ok before joing this time.

i went to my local EPAC this morning after having crampy pains last night they scanned me and dated me 9weeks and 5 days. Baby seemed fine and had a very strong heartbeat yey!!!

PS I already have a little boy (19 months).

So pleased to joining you all finally!

Looking forward to sharing out stories with eachother! xx


  • Hello!! Sorry to hear of your loss last year but congrats on your little bean! It's always reassuring to see that little heartbeat. I always find myself holding my breath at scans until it's seen.

  • Welcome! And congrats image lovely to be reassured with seeing the heartbeat image x
  • Hello and welcome image

    Sorry to hear of your loss & a huge congratulations I'm pleased babas got a nice string heartbeat!!

    Cherries 13+3 xxx
  • thanks ladies.

    I am soooo happy to be here! xx
  • Hi vixv

    Thought I recognised your name! Don't know whether you remember me from dio?

    Congratulations Hun xxx
  • sorry for your previous lost i can understand why you would want to wait !! hello to you so pleased you got to see your lo's heart beating xxx
  • Gem yeah I do! Are you over on this due in forum as well now? x
  • Ha yeah I am!!

    Harry is 5 months and I'm 11 weeks pregnant now!! Not planned!! But am happy !! How have you been I remember you being scared about mmc and then unfortunately you didimage I had the same once and it was devastatingimage but so glad your expecting again!! Congratulations again !! And I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancyimage xxx
  • Wow thats a close age gap lol! but will be nice that they are so close in age bet they will be the best of friends! My little man is 19 months and will be 2 yrs and a month when this one arrives, i wanted them really close in age too but that wasnt ment to be.

    its nice to see a familular face (name) here!

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