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Had a free scan yesterday :)

In my pregnancies with Liam and Bella, dh and I had a few private scans done. Every other month with Liam and a few less with Bella but we paid more to get a 4D one so this time we have decided to only get 1 scan but go for a more expensive package again and get a dvd of the scan.

I mailed the clinic we go to and asked about what dates they recommend to be the best for seeing baby etc and I received an email back said they remembered me and they would like to offer me a free scan since I had been so many times before. They had a cancellation space yesterday so I went along (I know not much will have changed but a free scan is a free scan).

Anyway when I came out the room, I was told that they have saved the scan and when I go back to get a dvd done they will be able to put this scan on it too so we will have the baby at 11 weeks and then later on at which ever date we decide!!


  • That's really nice of them, especially to record it as well image

    When will you be having your 4d scan?

    We're hoping to have a private 4d scan this time around, always wanted it done with dd & ds but couldn't justify that kind of money at the time.

    Cherries xx
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