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This week is going to drrraaaaggggg

This week is gonna drag big time have my scan on Thursday pretty nervous, and handing in my notice at work Wednesday as I'm still in maternity leave .... I best stay busy in hope that it hurries along! Aahhgggghhh hate the waits!

image x :lol:


  • Ohh I know the feeling. Try to fill your days! The week of my scan, I went to Edinburgh Castle with the kids, spent a whole day shopping, spent a day at my mums.

    I reach 12 weeks on Thursday so I am counting down until then!

  • All the best hun for your scan today.

    you handed in your notice at work - how did it go?
  • Good luck!!!!! xxx
  • Hope all is going well with your scan today ! Mine was right at the end of the day so I met up with a friend, did the preschool run and cleaned till I could clean no more ! :lol:
  • Ahhh good way to keep busy! I felt so stressed before hand my 6mth ds is teething and is freaking out so

    I was all hot and bothered by the time it came to drop him to my granmas and leave lol but all is well due date changed by 2 days ealier amazing scans tho! X
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