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sea bands anyone???

well ladies im 10 weeks 2 days and my morning sickness has kicked in! ive suffered pretty bad this morning but have been nauseous for days now.

Ive been to the chemist and bought a pair of sea bands for ??8!! im hoping they work.

Ive had them on for a few hours now and the nausea does seem to have eased a little... image



  • Gc from due in Oct. I've got some sea bands but i find them so painful as they are really tight. which.ones are u trying?! they haven't worked for me but i haven't been able to wear them for very long
  • Hi, with my first baby I had cOnstant sickness all day everyday until he was born and I did find seabands worked a little but in the end I had acupuncture which worked really well but I had to have it at least 3 times a week to help ease the sickness. Hope it eases for you soon. x
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