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3d or 4d scans

Hey ladies, from the moment i found out i was pregnant i knew that this time round i would like to have a 3d or 4d scan. we will still be going ahead with it and the best stage to do it at is during our third trimester. i'm really looking forward to it, haven't booked it yet but will do in June or beginning of July. Anyone else thinking of having one of these done too?


  • Hi gift, we are definitely having a 4d scan. We have it booked for 6th of July. I have had one with both my children so this will be the third time. It's so lovely to see them in 4d. We saw the other two yawning and swallowing and waving it was great. My profile picture is our 4d scan we had with our son in 2009. We had them at 30 weeks and this one is a few days before 30 weeks. I can't wait!!!
  • We are not but would love to see some pics when you put them on. xx

  • We had one with our daughter.  We had 6 private 2d scans with our first so opted for fewer with our 2nd but 1 3d/4d which was amazing but this time we got a freebie (for having so many) and having 1 more 2d but getting a dvd of the scan and a cd-rom of all the pictures that we can print off. lol xxx

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