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3d or 4d scans

hey ladies, hope Ur all well. i knew from the day we found out we were having our second baby that i would want a 3d or 4d scan, and now that i have had my twenty week scan i am really looking forward to having on if these done. the best time for it us from 28 weeks so will probably book for one at the end of June. is anyone is thinking of having a 3d scan and what was the experience like for those who had had one in previous pregnancies??? xx


  • We had one last time and it was great. So fascinating to see the baby so clearly and the pictures and dvd are lovely to look back on. We struggled to get a front view of the face because the cord was in front of his head and wouldn't move, so we were limited to pictures from the side. Still fab though. We would have had one this time but they said that they are less likely to get good images with twins because they are taking up the same space, so we decided not to. x

  • thanks hun, i really can't wait for us to have ours done at thirty weeks. x
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