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Prams anyone??

Hello ladies, how are we all getting on?

Just wondering if anyone has thought about prams yet? Ive finally ventured into mothercare with my mum today and had a sneaky peak.

Aww some gorge ones and awful ones lol

Love silver cross prams, they look so cosy and safe.

Any ideas xxxx


  • Oh I would love to go pram shopping but as I already have two babies I have a baby jogger city select so my eldest will be getting turfed out to walk and the baby will be joining my youngest in that. It's a fab pram though and I can get the carry cot back out for the baby. I can't wait! I agree silver cross do look good, I had a mamas and papas pliko for my son but he grew out of the pram part really quickly and I then didn't like the fact that he had to face forwards when he was tiny. Good luck with your search, let us know what you decide on!
  • How funny babydex I pretty much done the same had the mamas and papas ultima but ds1 grew out I it quickly now have the babyjogger city select it's a fantastic buggy - are you going to get the buggy board for it? In contemplating whether to as my ds1 will only be 31/2 and he doesn't mind walking but if his asthma plays up he doesn't like walking to much - think I will Couldn't fault he city select tho absolutly fantastic as easy!
  • I had a silvercross 3D for my daughter & loved it. I now have a britax b dual although it's now used as a single as my daughter walks everywhere but will be perfectly suitable for my son & new baby. Still doesn't stop me wanting the Baby Jogger City Select though!! Lol
  • Morning ladies New to this site I have a 11 yr old so my pram I have for her was a Chico loved it these city select are these the jogging buggies ? I am trying for another but no news yet x
  • We ordered ours the other month and have just had the call to say it is in, so excited!  We bought the ICandy peach. Can't wait to start pushing it with little one in!

  • Hi mumma22beauboys, I do love my baby jogger. I'm so glad I got that over some of the others. I'm not sure on the buggy board. I will need one as my son will only be 2 1/2 but I really dont want to get one. I'm not sure if he will want to ride on a buggy board or not and my worry would be that it would get in the way when I'm walking. We don't go long distances on foot often so I might not get one to start with but can't rule it out! I like the kid sit buggy board but according to reviews it's quite long! Is there a baby jogger one?? x
  • I've been looking at prams for a while now and simply cannot decide which I like best!! I did want an iCandy but as this is my last baby I can't justify spending that amount so we've narrowed it down to either the quinny buzz or the babystyle oyster (I can't remember which model :/ ) My eldest is 4 almost 5 so will be fine walking and my son turned 3 in april so I think I'll need a buggy board for him and I'll be keeping my phil & teds for when we are out all day Cherries 23+5 xxx
  • hi ladies, i've known which travel system i was going to purchase from the very Start and that's the Jane Solomon with matrix car seat which converts into a lye flat carrycot which can be fixed into the car as a lay flat carrcot/carseat. i think his idea is brilliant as normal car seats are not good for newboss to stay in for long period of time, and you don't have the hassle of waking the baby up front the carrycot into the carseat in the car. I'm going to have a look at them over the next bank holiday weekend, i have been given a good prince over the phone; but need to checkout how smooth it rides and how firm the brakes are as i had probless in these area with my ds buggy. i really liked the look of the icandy peach but when i went into john Lewis i gave it a push and it is wayyyy to heavy, the lightest version is the icandy apple.
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