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New/Facebook Group?

Hi there, I'm new to this particular group but not new to BE or parenthood! I am Hayley, 25 years of age and currently pregnant with my 3rd child. We have a DS, Zak, 3yrs and a DD, Sofia 1 year. This bubba is due on 15th September, day after my birthday! Just wandering if there is a facebook group for this group as it will be easier for me to acess. I am currently part of a group on FB for babies that were born in May of last year, the Maybies we call them, and it's so good to quickly log on and see what everyone is up to on there rather than coming on here all, the time. If there is a FB group for DIS please could someone let me know so I can be added. Thanks and hope you all ladies r doing well xx


  • hey angiebaby, i used to be part of the fb group but left for a while, send a request to join again but no one has added me yet.  could you add me back in?

  • i've just tried to copy and paste the facegroup link and it wont work! I wanna join too! x


  • Hey ladies long time, I didn't realise there was a facebook page set up for due in september??? x

  • Didn't realise there was a fb group either thought no one was using this site anymore what a shame, tried on you angiebaby but it's not giving me the option too? Anyway if you do see this add me on fb email is [email protected]
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