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where is everyone?

Hello ladies, i remember when we began this forum lively and now there's not a peep from anyone. what happened? What's everyone up to?


  • Hi gift, how are you getting on? I keep checking in here most days but it's so quiet. I also go on baby centre too which is really busy. Such a shame this group is so quiet, the previous due in's for my other babies were always so busy!

    Im 27 weeks today so this pregnancy really is flying by. We have our 4D scan in 3 weeks and I cannot wait! xx
  • I know! I cant believe how quiet it is..... Glad there are still a few of us checking in though.

    I was 27 weeks yesterday Dex so we are really close in dates.

    I am having some strange pains well not really a pain more like my uterus aches and can be slightly tender to touch?! I am going to give the midwife a call tomorrow but am sure its nothing to worry about.

    Hope you are both doing well. Not long to go now really.

    Gift how many weeks are you now? x


  • Hey ladies I'm actually 28 weeks + 1 we are booking our 4d in July, can't wait too.
  • Thats exciting!!! we arent having one so will have to wit to see what baby looks like until he is here! x

  • Hi,

    I pop in most days too so thought i'd say hi. I'm 26 weeks today and had my GT test today.

    Kim x


  • Apart from having 2 blood tests it really wasn't too bad. I've never had lucozade before and wont be in any rush to have it again blurgh!! I took original flavour cos thats what the leaflet said but my midwife said any flavour is permitted they just adjust the amounts depending on flavour. Dont take my word for it in your area tho!

    I knew I had to wait 2 hours for the next blood test but didn't realise they prefer you to keep seated so good job i didn't take my DS cos he'd have run me ragged! I felt a bit sick off the sugaryness (is that a word? lol) off the lucazade by the time the 2 hours was up but it wasn't that bad, just take a magazine!

  • I pop on here occasionally but it's always so quiet, I tend to post more on the facebook group.

    kimdunc I'm so jealous they let you have lucozade, the drink they gave me last week was horrid!! I asked about taking lucozade but got told I wasn't allowed to, strange how it differs so much depending on the area.


    Hope all you ladies are keeping well image

    I can't believe I'm 30 weeks already, wont be long till I get to meet baby xxxxx

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