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Hello Everyone,

Im Mikayla and im 19 years old, and i am pregnant with a baby girl. I am really scared about my first childbirth, I think i am in my seventh month of my pregnancy and i just feel uneasy about my first childbirth. If you guys could help me with advice and tips about what i should do to be prepared for my little girl, i would really apperciate it.


  • Hi Mikalyla,

    First of all, congrats on your pregnancy - I'm 29 weeks today with my second, and being a Mummy is great image Hard work, but the best job you'll ever do!!

    Won't go through and list all the stuff that you need to buy (although lots of stuff that is recommended to buy you don't actually need!) - just make sure that you have your hospital bag packed in plenty of time in case she catches you out and decides to put in an early appearance - my little boy was 3 weeks early and surprised us all!

    And in terms of giving birth, someone told me that it is (and sorry if this is TMI!!) like having the biggest poo of your life... and that is very true!! The sensation of pushing that baby out is just the same as if you are constipated and trying to go. Don't worry about it, just push when you need to!!

    Hope all goes well, look forward to seeing your birth announcement on here.

    Sarah xx

  • Hey mikayla!

    Congrats on your pregnancy! Is it going ok so far?

    I'm currently 24 on my 3rd child (this one is a surprise) image I was 20 when I had my first it was scary/exciting time! I would say look into pain relief methods for labour but don't worry about the birth plan too much as I was quite dissapointed when mw pressed me to do one and it totally went out he window! Lol I didn't want any drugs and ended up having all of them! Lol so know what's available and take it from their!

    Also breastfeeding again I was adamant I would bf but when it came down to it I couldn't lasted 2 weeks before I went insane and was told to stop! (he did feed every 20minutez) also with my second I tried and couldn't manage it the lathing just never seemed to happen! This time round imgonna try but have bought these new starter formula pack incase it doesn't work again!

    Basically don't put too much pressure on yourself, there is alot out there to do the perfect mummy things but just do why your body tells you! Pack plants of snacks

    Ooo I found cooling spray amazing as you do get hot! Ad I k ow it sounds funny but one my things was web my first was here he kept scratching himself and the mittens wouldn't stay in! Soo The baby grows with built in mittens were good but socks seemed to be the best thing (that is what a mw did or me and he was in the scbu) lol

    Good luck in sure it will all be lovely! image xxx
  • Hi mikayla, I'm 38+5 weeks with my second I'v got a lil girl and now havin a boy child birth is a natural thing and your body will tell you what to do!! I had a bad birh the 1st time round wont go in to details dont want scare you!! image lol but I'm doing it again I'm a bit nervous but I no its going be different this time round and 'm going have the pain relief I need.

    Good luck and I'm sure you will be fine!!! xxx

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