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Hi ladies, sorry I have been awol.  Things have been pretty hectic with one thing or another.  Hope you are all doing fine and enjoying the  last few weeks of pregnancy!  I am now 35+5 and so uncomfortable. Seems to be that I have good sized babies with a small bump so they are usually pretty cramped.  I'm measuring 4 weeks under but pretty sure baby will weigh in the nigher 8lbs/into low 9lbs mark.  My dd was 8lb 1 (1lb heavier than ds so expecting another lb added to this one).

My ds starts nursery in 2 weeks - right at the time I enter into the 2 weeks when baby could make his/her appearance so that will be fun, having to work out how to get out the house for 8.30am every day while heavily pg then again with the added newborn - I don't drive so we will be walking come rain or come shine.  Still at least it will set me up for the rest of the day.

So far things have been fairly quiet pregnancy-wise.  My iron is very low and isn't increasing with iron tablets - last count was 8.2 so getting more bloods done on Thursday so will wait and see if it has dropped further then.

Don't know if many of you are on the fb group but have requested to be re-added on it so will see you around there or here......need to be better at coming on!


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