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My birth story - wonderful experience!

Hey I would like to announce the birth of my beautiful baby boy Theo Michael Robert! He can into the world at 1:01am via emergency c-section weighing 7lb 14 on the 3rd September (my dd was the 7th and section booked for 6th lol ) So my VERY POSITIVE SECTION EXPERIENCE! After having 2 prev shoulder dystocia births resulting in both admitted to scbu for a week we opted for a section this time round although I was so terrified! We were booked for the 6th to have it done but on Sunday at 9:30pm I had a huge pop and pain which felt like it was in my bottom lol when I got up to pee water went everywhere so naturally we got the mum in law round for the older two and set off to the hospital after calling them. I started getting mild contractions about 5 minutes apart, once in they stuck me on a monitor and that was it for a few hours in this time the monitor want picking up any contractions although I was getting them every 3 minutes and was quite painful once we told the mw a few times that I am def in labour ( bit of a computer says no moment there too) we got examined by a registrar and with another gush of water saw I was in fact 4-5 cm lol (funnil enough after 2 labours you know what a contraction is!) It was all go from here getting prepped for the procedure everyone was calm and relaxed I was shaking like a leaf! Having problems with an epidural in the past and them not being able to do it I was nervous for the spinal block... A very young anesthetist came in and I thought great he won't be experienced enough! (well never judge a book and all that) as he was fantastic did it all in a few minutes! So I went in at 12 to be prepped was ready to go at 12:58 at 1:01 Theo was born and we heard him cry ! We have never experienced a pink crying baby at birth! Amazing my husband was extactic! I said he could hold him first and then I got a cuddle the rest was quick just lookin g at my gorge boy whilst being stitched up took about 40 minutes In recovery I breastfed and had a drink couple hours later moved to my ward were the husband had to go left in a ward with my baby! Again a first! He slept for 5 hours then I thought best wke him for a feed and lots of skin on skin, Ever since then he feeds every 3-4 hours sleeps then Poops very content his brothers adore him even the youngest who is only 1 himself Well after such traumatic experiences I feel so happy to have gone for a section! Recovery has been fine too was up and about at 10 am that morning and although a little tired and sore it feels fine! A very happy mother of 3!


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