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Should I get an early pregnancy scan - I'm a born worrier!!



  • I definitely think its worth it! I was mega paranoid as I know so many people who had lost babies. Two people I know went for their 12 week scan and were told the baby stopped growing at around 6 weeks - that seems to be the most common time. I couldn't face that happening to us so I ended up having an early scan at 8 weeks and 10 weeks. I am really lucky though as my hospital have an early pregnancy clinic and if you have any concerns at all, they tell you to come for a scan for free which I did on 2 occassions. I think after you have been twice though, they start more or less turning you away. I had internals both times and we saw lots, we heard the heartbeat and it was so reassuring. I personally think 6 weeks is too early for a scan as the heartbeat may have not developed yet which could cause so much stress for you when all could be perfectly fine. Most private clinics recommend waiting until around 8 weeks as you can see so much more. Also, 6 weeks - 8 weeks is when a lot of miscarriages happen. I was told if you have a heartbeat at 8 weeks, the risk of miscarraige drops from 15% to 5% only. That to me was a lot more reassuring than seeing a heartbeat at 6 weeks and then still worrying so its worth remembering that. I wish you all the best of luck, truth is I guess ou never stop worrying. I'm 15 weeks and I still worry something is wrong (although I am a lot more relaxed than I was) xxx

  • If you are an anxious person then its best not to have the early scan (if there is no medical reason for one).

    Although it will put your mind at rest for a short while, you will probably soon start worrying again and the worry will get worse.Apparently thats how anxiety is fuelled. If you take an action to try to neutralise the anxiety your brain thinks there must be a significant danger so sends you more worry thoughts.

    I consulted my husband for this answer. He used to be a cognitive behavioral therapist specialising in anxiety.

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