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Should I get an early pregnancy scan - I'm a born worrier!!

Hi everyone,

I found out last week that I am pregnant and at first I was over the moon. However as the week goes on I find myself feeling more and more worried about what could go wrong.  I am 6 weeks and considering paying to have a private early scan as I don't want to allow myself to get too excited just in case. I know that stressing is the last thing I should be doing but I just can't stop myself looking on the internet for things which might go wrong! I have experienced some normal pregnancy symptoms so far such as sore and swollen chest, extreme tiredness and some feelings of nausea.  I went to my gp monday who said he would refer me to a midwife. When should I expect to hear about a date for a booking appointment and my first scan? Has anyone had a early scan who would recommend doing it?

Would really appreciate any feedback!

Thanks image xx



  • If you are worried, and you have the money to book an early scan - then do if it helps you feel more reassured.  I had an early scan due to bleeding, and I would rather not have had to go through that as I was terrified, but seeing baby there and all OK helped no end afterwards.

    You should be getting your first appointment letter through soon I'd say - do something to look forward to, and you can go through any questions/worries you have with your midwife when you are booked in.

    Good luck xxx

  • PS - I will be paying for an early scan this time round too - regardless image

  • Thanks Flee24! The idea of the internal scan is really not nice but I think if it stops me stressing over the next 7 - 9 weeks then it will be worth it. It feels as though life has stopped and all I can think about is the pregnancy, seeing the midwife and having a scan!!  I think I make worse on myself by readiing all of the forums etc where people tell of their experiences of mc - it terrifies me! I have found 2 local clinics that do the early scan so I think I may just go for it and get it booked! Ideally I would like to do it before xmas so I can tell my parents - I will be nearly 9 weeks by then. This shoould be late enough to hear the heartbeat shouldn't it? xx

  • Hi Hun

    My 1st pregnancy ended in mc fairly early - I found out at 7 weeks but baby hadn't got very far at all.  So when I was expecting my son I booked a scan for 7 weeks and it was so reassuring.  We hear his little heartbeat and saw that he was growing as he should be.  It meant I could enjoy the rest of  my pregnancy and relax a little bit.  I have done the same this time around and have a scan booked for the 21st Decemberwhere I think I will be 8 weeks.  I am very nervous too, and I have had the norovirus this week so haven't kept any food at all down since Sunday evening so I am so worried about little splodge.  My advice is that a happy relaxed mummy leads to a healthy baby, so if a scan will help you achieve that then go for it xx

  • Hi Mrs Matthews, I am so sorry to hear about your mc image I think the more I speak to people the more I have decided to just go for it! I teach young children and we have all sorts going around at the moment including chicken pox and norovirus so I am reall concerned about catching anything, especially at this early stage.  The 21st December is also when I was thinking as a potential date image I don't know how anyone waits until the 12 weeks scan - is it just me that worries this much!?? Sometimes I will get a momemt of normality where I will think there is no reason for anything to be wrong and that 3 in 4 women still go on to have healthy pregnancies and then almost immediately that turns back around to the 1 in 4 who don't!  Feel like I am driving myself mad with it, my poor husband just wants me to get the early scan so I will stop worrying so much! At 8 weeks is it likely to be the internal scan? xx

  • I'm booking an early scan too! I had an mc before i had my dd and we had an early scan with her which reassured me no end! I'm going to wait until 8 weeks though, since the risk of mc drops significantly then if you see a hb, where as it's les so earlier on even if you see a hb. Plus i don't like the idea of an internal! I've found prices range from £50-£99!! I've gone for the cheapest! I'm a worrier too, and just think it will help!


  • At 7 weeks mine was an external scan so I wouldn't let that put you off.  They usually try an external one 1st, and if they can't see what they want to because of the angle or whatever they try an internal.  

  • I say book it! Nothing like peace of mind. I've an early one booked for 7 weeks due to a mmc in July. Had an early scan at 7+3 with dd due to spotting and that was external x
  • I agree with the other ladies, I'd go for it. We booked one with our first but ended up having an emergency one a few days beforehand due to bleeding. It was external and really clear, we could see our little bean and his flashing heartbeat, was amazing!! We got a picture of it that I carried round with me til he was born hehehe. Defo worth the money for the reassurance and a lovely first little look xxxx

  • I wanted to book an early scan when I was 7 weeks- but they had absolutely no appointments so have got one booked for Monday- I will be 6+3- I am worried we will be paying out a lot of money and won't get to see the reassuring signs like a heartbeat :/ confused... Xx
  • I just waited, if something's going to happen no amount of early scans will prevent it!! Finding out everything was ok at 12 weeks was amazing, plus didn't leave a dent in my purse!!
  • But we need to tell the kids soon- my eldest is 13 and not stupid- when I have my head down the toilet for a few weeks she'll know- just want to see that everything is as normal as it should be at this stage... But REALLY want to hear heartbeat!! Lol! Xx
  • Haha yeah I know what you mean, I was like that too but just wanted to wait as anything could have happened after the early scan too!! I don't have other children to consider though
  • Well she guessed yesterday- haven't confirmed it with her yet- so pleased we have scan tomorrow so we can confirm it with her soon!!! Feel like I'm lying!!! Xx
  • Just as I gave you the advice, I wasnt thinking I was pg - and now I am image  I'll defo be arranging an early scan, once i've spoken to the Dr's tomorrow.....will work it out from there. I'll be needing all the reassurance I can get for this baby x

  • Awww congratulations!!! image will let you know what we see at scan tomorrow!! X
  • Good luck for your scan! Mine was at 6+4 last week and all was good, we saw a heartbeat!! Fingers crossed for you!

    S(7+2) xx
  • god luck Kirvi - and thanks image xxx

  • Hiya! Just had scan and all looks good- saw a flutter heartbeat! Only downside was that they put my dates back to 5 weeks 6 days instead of 6 weeks 3 days.. However, I know that the dating is a little unreliable at this stage so we'll see! image so relieved all is good and have a DVD of the scan so can show kids Christmas Day image xx
  • Im having an early scan at 6 weeks to put my mined at rest , cant wait until dateing scan
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