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Had my scan

Hi all,

Had my scan yesterday after my spotting last week. All was good! We saw baby's heartbeat and i was measuring about right for dates. Got my booking in appt with the mw next wednesday too! Exciting!

Fingers crossed i'm drama free from now on!

S (6+5)



  • Amazing news congratulations! xx

  • thats great news. once you see a heartbeat it gives the baby a 95% chance of the pregnancy continuing! x

  • Does it? I've got brown cm again so i'm back to square one with the worry! I just can't wait for the first trimester to be done!!

    How are you Mrs Matthews?


  • I just had first scan I'm only 5 and a half weeks so could only see yolk no fetal pole or heartbeat so hope next week ill be seeing a lil heartbeat too! From what I've heard spotting brown mc is perfectly normal some women have it all the way through! Looks like there are going to be lots of august babies!!! X
  • Ah that's great news, I had 2 early scans with my girls due to bleeding and they are both here causing havoc! I tend to bleed about 6 & 8 weeks so will be curious to see if I bleed with this pregnancy, 3rd time lucky and all that!

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