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Knock Knock

Hi all,

Got my BFP on saturday but was very faint then had my BFP on a digital tuesday image I think im due on 20th August going by OV test.

Not experiencing that many symtoms other than a bit of cramping and tiredness. Not that im complaining but hoping all os ok. Have been having headaches too but that maybe caffeine withdrawal lol.

I have a DD who is 3 and had a previous MC before having her.

I would love an early scan as did last time and it helped but not sure we can afford it this time (hubby out of work)

Hope im here to stay and look forward to getting to know everyone, I was a regular on here when having DD1 and made some very special friends whom im still in lots of contact with.



  • Congratulations and welcome wantingababy!! There's not too many of us on here yet, but wanted to say hi! Hope you have a sticky bean and have a happy and healthy 9 months! Xx
  • Hi Congratulations.

    I'm similar, also due 20th and have a 2 year old. Also had a ectopic before him so feeling very nervous. Also last time needed a year of fertility treatment, this time caught first month trying naturally. Keeping fingers crossed!
  • Hi chick huge congrats on your bfp!

  • My gp got me an early pregnancy scan for free as just explained that I was worried I'm sure if you have a gp who is understanding he can reffer you to an early pregnancy unit xx
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