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Bfp shock

Hi girls Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself I'm 32 and mummy to 2 girls (4 & 19 months) Hubby and I got the shock of our lives today when I tested as my af was 2 days late, I got a very faint positive I couldn't believe it We haven't been trying and have only joked about having a 3rd, I only stopped bf my youngest daughter a few months ago and we were being really careful about dtd so I'm in total shock! Have spent all day crying and feeling awful as when I got my bfp with the girls I was over the moon. EDD is 22nd Aug, I still can't believe it and it doesn't seem real Xxx


  • Awww it sounds like you've had a shock! I'm sure once the news sinks in properly, anxieties will ease and you'll get excited! Xxx
  • Congratulations! What a shock!


  • Thanks girls! I'm slowly coming around to the idea of 3 but it's going to be hard work! Bought some pregnancy vitamins today as I feel so guilty I've not been taking folic acid, I'm hoping all will be ok with this brands it was my birthday last week and I drank loads!

  • I was ttc for my ds (now 4) for a while and stopped drinking and anything that would be bad- after 5 or 6 months of trying I gave up and went out on a proper drinking session- found out I was pregnant 2 day later! He is happy and healthy so don't think it affected him!! Don't worry!! X
  • hi!  Congratulations on your happy surprise!

    I'm still in shock too, we have a 10 month old son and have just found out I'm pregnant again! One night of carelessness!!!

    I did the same as you and got horribly drunk the week before I found out; but I really wouldn't worry.  The same happened with my son, and the midwide reassured me that it really wouldn't have had any affect so early on.

  • Thanks BR2B it's reassuring to know those few drinks won't have done any harm! As soon as I thought I could be pg when my af was late I didn't drink and stopped my morning coffee.

    I've been getting faint tests all day so I'm a bit concerned something is wrong so going to wait a few days and test again and hope the line is stronger xxx
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