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Another August bump!

Hi girls, I used to be a member of BE, a few years ago I was a regular poster on the llttc board and ttc after a mc/ ectopic. When I got a Bfp with my son on clomid in 2009 I was in the due in 2010 forum and this time I have had a complete shock natural Bfp first month of trying naturally! Obviously after ectopic lat Time I'm a nervous wreck but hoping this little bean Is staying put. Nice to 'meet' you all. Gem x


  • Welcome gem!! Congratulations! image brilliant about falling naturally! Hope and pray all our beans are safe and strong! It's only natural to worry at this stage!! I have an early scan booked for Monday- am so excited to see how everything is progressing so far!! Have you got early scan booked due to your history? (Just curious!) x
  • Congratulations hun!

    Fingers crossed beanie stays put! I had an mc before dd and now i'm having some spotting so i'm a nervous wreck too! Roll on 12 weeks!



  • Hi all,

    I'm only just 5.4 weeks had a early scan due to mc and bo past saw a yolk but no fetal pole but that's norm I'm going back next week hoping to see a lil bean and heartbeat !!! I'm wrecked with nerves lol but everything is feeling positive I've got allthe correct aches and pains lol. Wish you all well and congratulations x
  • Congrats honey that's lovely news! Hope this bean is a sticky one xx
  • Congrats Hun and great that it was quick and natural this time. I remember your picture I think was a regular from may 2008 and poster in preg after mc x x
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