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Blasted Glucose Test

I was high risk with hypertension during my last pregnancy so saw my MW for some blood tests at 5 weeks and she also took glucose test. Results came back high so got a pack of glucose through today. Yuck! I dreaded having to have this test last time and was so pleased to escape it. Drat and fiddlesticks. Morning sickness is yuck and I can't survive without eating as soon as I wake up. Stupid fasting from 9pm - 10am. Never going to make it. I blame the waffle & two Oreos I took before my appointment. On plus side I got my scan date through for 29th Jan. Going to sulk & mope now until the test is over with.


  • What is hypertension? When did you get in touch with the me? Here I won't get booked in until about 8 weeks so I haven't even phoned the doctors surgery to ask the mw to contact me yet. Hope the test goes well x
  • Hypertension is high blood pressure - often develops into preeclampsia. The MW doesn't tend to see you until 8 weeks and then it's just to make an appointment for booking in at around 10 weeks. Last pregnancy I didn't see her at all until about 11.5 weeks. This time I saw my GP and my blood pressure was high so she asked me to see the MW ASAP and my MW amazingly had an appointment the next day! I've got my booking appointment 16th Jan I think, so a while to go before that. I'm already super stressed about the glucose test - woke up at 5 this morning sweating about it! I don't know why I'm dreading it so much. By 10 tomorrow it will all be done. Bleurgh. The things we do in pregnancy! How are you getting on micromonkey?
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