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how is everyone?

hi girls just wondering how you all are?

any symptoms yet? i did a CBD today and got pregnant 2-3 so i am definately pregnant, i think my EDD is 24th august. I rang my midwife who i had with my last daughter and she is looking after me again for this pregnancy, she is coming to see me next week on 28th so it will be nice to see her and have a good chat about my fears!

i do actually feel quite pregnant, im not really that tired yet and am finding it difficult to get to sleep so am only getting about 5 hours sleep a night but im feeling ok. No sickness but i am getting so hungry, all i want is carbs ive totally gone off sweet things which is not like me at all! im getting stretchy pains and my boobs are feeling a bit tender. I think im about 4 + 3 and with my girls i didnt get nausea until 6 weeks so im guessing ill start to feel rubbish soon!



  • I'm 4 + 6 today, I've have a couple of days of having really painful boobs but that is about it. I had no symptoms first time round until 8 weeks when my sickness started and am dreading it!
  • Im ok have sore boobies but not much else am 5+1 weeks. I wasn't that bad with DD but did feel sick at the thought of certain foods. I stupidly done a CB digi today expecting it to say 3+ but it still said 2-3 so thats got me worrying lol.

    When do you see midwife? DD is only 3.5 but can't remember when i went for my booking in, according to LMP i would be 8 weeks now but ovulated really late.



  • I'm sure all is ok the cbd's are clever things but they do make you panic.

    As far as I know midwife appointments vary around the country. Here you don't tend to see one until booking in apt at 12 week scan. My local nhs offers a new service called one to one midwives and its fantastic, it's like a private midwife but free. I used them with my last daughter and I'm with them again for this pregnancy. My mw is coming to see me next week for a chat and then ill see her again for booking in about 8 weeks I think and then for the scan.

    Talk to your dr they should be able to tell you about your midwife services xxx
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