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hi im new here

just found out im pregnant. excited nervous scared etc lol. Just wanted to say hi toall you other newly pregnant ladies x


  • Hi Michelle

    Welcome and congratulations image  When is your EDD? Mine is 22nd August.

    Ann-Marie x

  • Thanks and congratulations to you too. Im guessing 21st aug.
  • Hi,

    Congratulations and welcome, How are you feeling?


  • Congratulations! I'm due 24th, third time for me and still very shocked! Xxx
  • Congratulations x I'm also due 22 aug by my date with number 6 x
  • Congrats due 28th aug wit bubba number 2!and cant wait!xxx
  • This is baby number 2 for me. not feeling too bad at the moment lol
  • Me either, but since i got my pos test i think i may be imagining stuff lol like im rly tired but then i always was before cos of my 2 yr old son gettin up at stupid o'clock every morning!(and being a childminder) when did u start getting symptoms last time michelle319?mine was spewing guts up from 5 weeks last time!rly want more symptoms now tho to make it feel more real lol x x x
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