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I'm joining you - 3rd time mummy! Just had chicken pox

Hi all,

I remember using this forum with my two previous pregnancies and it was really fun and reassuring.

Hi to you all and congratulations!

Looks like I'm doing it all over again and have just found out I'm pregnant. I'm due on August 17th (my 31st Birthday!). So I'm 5+4.

Feeling soooooo tired and I've just had the chicken pox (never had it before) and the docs are a bit worried because I'm pregnant. Anyone got any experience of having chicken pox in early pregnancy? Any help would be gratefully received. My DH is worried about it.



  • No advice re the chicken pox sorry, hope all will be ok. Congratulations and Welcome x x x

  • Congratulations! I'm a third timer too I have 2 beautiful girls and this pregnancy has been a huge shock and surprise, I still can't believe it. Think I'm due around 24th

    No advice on chickenpox xxx
  • Thanks ladies!


    I'm a little in shock too.
    We had tried for the first couple of weeks of my cycle (and we were only going to give it a month!) and then when my youngest daughter came out in chicken pox we decided to stop trying (just in case). The doctor was worried that I might get chicken pox and be pregnant so did a blood test two weeks ago and it was negative. I did get the chicken pox the day after the blood test and I was then really poorly with the it and my period didn't arrive (but it was my first month off of the pill so didn't think much of it). I asked my hubby to pick up a cheapy test on tuesday as I thought I'd better check and there we go. Baby 3 exists. The worst bit was that the day before we'd chatted some more about it and decided it was not the best time! Oh well, it's never really a good time to have a baby I guess. I am excited and feel a bit mixed up too. I think it's because I still haven't recovered from my illness and now how have pregnancy tiredness too!

    Mrs W - how are you feeling about it now?


  • It's starting to sink in a bit more now, we have told my parents and they are thrilled so I need to stop stressing about the timing and just relax and enjoy it!

    I'm just trying to take each day at a time, ill be 5 weeks tomorrow and its been a week since we found out.

    I am getting a bit excited but then I also freak out thinking ill have a newborn a 2.5 year old and a 4.5 year old next year!

    It's all good tho, I feel very blessed and fate has a lot to answer too! Xx
  • Sounds like a good plan to take a day as it comes. It keeps coming in waves to me - and catching me by surprise. I'm feeling a bit more cautious about this pregnancy due to the chicken pox too, the doctor said I'll probably need more scans.

    Will your eldest be starting school in September? My 5 year old started school last September and my 2.5 year old is now at nursery. It felt much easier after that. I work too but I'm feeling a little unsure that I'll be able to hold down a job and look after 3 kids. My close friends say I can do it but I'm feeling a bit wobbly about it! 

    Looking forward to Christmas now - I'm constantly ravenous (hope it's not twins...ahhh!) so I'm sure I'll look like an elephant after this yuletide season as I've got a good excuse.


  • Omg I am the same I can't stop eating! Seriously I just eat non stop and I said I wasn't going to pig out this time! My tummy already feels bigger, I reckon we will struggle trying to hide it for 12 weeks!

    Yes my eldest will start school in sept and we will put our other daughter in nursery for a day just so I can have 1 day just me & baby

    I'm lucky that I don't have to work I have it up after dd2 was born. I'm sure you will cope just fine with working and being mummy to 3!

    I am getting really excited now, can't wait for the 12 week scan when it wil definately feel real then! xxl
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