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When to tell?

Hi ladies - just wondered what everyone's view was re telling people the news. We have 4 family filled days ahead and as I normally enjoy a drink they are definitely going to suspect something. Are you telling people now or staying strong and waiting until 12 weeks? Or just telling certain people. The hubs and I have different opinions on this so it would be good to know what you have done/plan to do Thanks x


  • Last time we waited but ours ended in bad news sadly, so I'm telling family early (on Christmas day) to take the stress off of me as I normally would have a drink too.

    Good luck whatever your decision.

  • Hi guys!! I just found out I'm pregnant this morning too and was thinking the same thing!! Might drink mainly lemonade but in a wine glass so people think I'm drinking!
  • I'm not planning on telling anyone really if they find out then they find out but all I get is negative comments which puts a dampened on things this is my last baby so want to enjoy it I am going to tell my best friend though she was there at my last sons birth she came to all scans etc and she loved it she has had such a tough year so we are booking a private gender scan for16 weeks so going to bring her along but tell her we are just going shopping weare always trying to out do each other on surprises
  • I don't drink and we are having a quietchristmas this year so makes it easier one thing though how to hide a growing tum I show early and each pregnancy got bigger

    Not sure when I need tell my boss etc that it I a dreading
  • We are having Christmas just the 3 of us this year which makes it easier. I've told a couple of close friends who knew we had been trying a while but will wait to tell everyone else after 12 week scan. Although it may come out earlier as I work in a hospital and will have to tell them sooner so I can get out of heavy lifting etc x

  • We're telling close family at Xmas day an then making the formal announcement at our wedding when ill be 11 weeks. Providing we find the hb on the doppler the night before! Xx
  • We have told my parents and dh's parents, on Christmas Day hubby's brother & girlf will be there so I'm going to be seen to be drinking but obviously won't touch a drop!

    We won't be telling anyone else until 12 week scan shows all is ok xx
  • We have only told my parents - I wanted them to know in case anything went wrong and also so someone understood if I was extra tired etc or needed them to help with DD for appointments etc. we won't tell anyone else until after the scan. We told DH's parents before scan as well as my parents last time and they were very odd about knowing that early which we found a bit upsetting so just not telling them this time. Then I'll tell work first if scan is all ok as friends with colleagues and deputy head on facebook. Then starts the making sure important ppl (or ppl who think they're important!!!) know and then the world can know via Facebook! It's a logistical nightmare as ppl are so weird about the news and how and when they find out.
  • I know - some people think they should know before anyone else and you just feeling like shouting at them - its our baby, it's our choice!!

    We ended up just telling the parents for now, and as the weeks progress we might tell brothers and sisters but not going to for the moment.

    It's been hard I get through Christmas with all the work parties/events but I'm looking forward to a 'dry' January and then I won't feel like I'm constantly lying about being on antibiotics etc...!

    Hope you lovely ladies have great plans for NY. I just can't wait to celebrate it being 2013! X
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