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Teeth extraction

ShannonSuzieShannonSuzie Regular
edited Nov 3, 2020 10:43AM in Schoolchildren
Hi, iv never posted here before im just looking for some reassurance and guidance if anyone has been through it before. My little girl is 7 and its always been a nightmare when it comes to brushing her teeth no matter what I do or try to make it a better experience or brush together nothing helps, she will brush them but she won't let me and its obviously not been good enough, at the dentist today they suggested she had 3 adult teeth removed and a few more of her baby teeth, me and her dad aren't together and I'm constantly on his back about hygiene when she is in his care but he said I should take a long hard look at myself... I'm just wondering has anyone child had this done before and did their big teeth grow back ok? I feel extremely guilty that 3 adult teeth are being removed i know things could have been different but as a single parent working full time some days I feel like I'm just about making it through the day some nights I avoid the tantrums and fights for an easy life no judgement please thank you


  • I was the same when I was younger, I had four back teeth removed. Currently have a nearly full set of adult teeth that grew back normally. And if it helps I was about your daughters age when I got them out and I barely remember it at all x
  • Thank you, herself are also back teeth and a few baby teeth, the dentist was very abrupt and rude and said she will never have teeth lol which is stupid I know she will have teeth but I felt guilty x
  • Aww lovely don't feel guilty. I was a little madam and hated brushing my teeth, im still not the biggest fan. It has nothing to do with you or your parenting style! You're trying your best darling and that's all that matters x
  • Thank you very much you never feel like your doing good enough lol xx
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