Downs Syndrome Testing

Hi I'm hoping someone can help with this.  My husband and I decided not to have any of the screening tests to see if we were at high risk of having a baby with downs or spinal bifida.  We went for our 20 week scan yesterday and were told that no abnormalities had been detected with any of the organs etc that they check.  Would it be obvious from this scan if the baby did have downs or spinal bifida?  They did say that the spine looked fine so does this mean that SB has been ruled out?  Thanks!!


  • i would say that your clear for spina bifida.....but the NT scan for downs is a 2 stage test where they took your blood and then measured the fold at the back of the babys neck so your scan prob wouldnt be able to detect downs as this is detected at 12 week scan and if you didnt ask them to measure the fold then they wouldnt have xxx

  • I didn't choose to have the downs syndrome screening at my 20week scan she still measured the nuchal fold without me asking. They also do the measurements for the spine etc. And on my actual print out report from the scan it says, no spina bifida on the second page.


  • I have my scan tomorrow worried bout the tests as they say it's needles in belly to take tissue / fluid. Does it hurt?...

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