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Up and coming scans

With more of our 12 week scans in the coming weeks I wondered how u all plan on breaking the news to family/friends etc? We have already told my family as I work with them so a bit hard to hide but we r going away with the inlaws, sil and family the day after my scan so we have bought a t shirt that says "I'm going to be a big brother" for Riley to wear on the day we go. Also plan on telling him so guess if they don't read his top (which I'm sure they will) he will most probably we telling the whole world lol!! Xx


  • Ahh that's cute!

    i was going to make a sign with scan pic saying in going to be a big bro then pic msging it out. Was hoping to not tell inlaws till im pretty much due!
  • Most of my family already know so there's no need for any big announcement really. I just have to decide how to tell our daughter - she'll be so thrilled! She's been begging for a sibling for over a year now!
  • How olds your daughter hushpuppy? My son is only 2 but we've been telling him to be careful of mummys tummy, mainly because of how he leaps across the bed to dive on me! Xx
  • She'll be 6 in September. She still thinks she's small enough to clamber all over me but I've just told her I have a sore tummy so she needs to be careful.

    Have you told your son? Xx
  • I'm with the sore tummy too!! Riley tends to dive on to me and can be rough so I keep saying I've got a sore tummy and mummies not well. Xx
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