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scan dates

my twelve week scan in 5 days...soo excited and nervous at the same time, everyday feels like it is a week long..

when is everybody elses 12wk scans??




  • Mine is tomorrow at 10.45. I'm absolutely terrified and also sad as I feel like I should be excited but I'm just not. I can't allow myself to be excited after the upset of last time. I'm going to have to try and keep myself very busy tonight and first thing in the morning to take my mind of it.

  • Mine is Friday at 9.20am! Went for earliest appt! I know what you mean, its hard to get excited when you've had upset before. Stay positive though, what will be, will be. Wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow! Xx
  • Thank you. I've not been as stressed as I thought I would tonight. Silly me though, just checked my appointment time and it's 11.30!

    Will let you know how it goes. Good luck to you too for Friday! Xx
  • aw good luck hushpuppy, not long to wait now, i cant decide whether im excited or just terrified... im trying not to think about it too much, but i feel like i should probably be excited but i just cant bring myself to be, keep thinking something will be going wrong.

    also i told my other half that we could tell people after the scan but im not sure if i want to now!! lol xx

  • mine is weds at 10.30 and i'm also terrified.  had a couple of spots of blood or pink cm but theyve never been followed by anything else so i'm hoping that its not bad news.  i think this next week is going to take forever.....

  • good luck hushpuppy, I will be thinking of you!xx

  • Thank you Carioke. How are you feeling? Xx
  • Not too bad thankyou, feeling quite positive and looking forward to trying again!image

    Hope all is good!!xx

  • Mine is monday 13th mayimage 

  • Mine is tmrw 430 and am absolutely terrified. I had a little bump with my first at this stage yet nothing so far image wishing all of you girlies lots of good luck xxxx

  • Oooh Smelanie! Exciting but scary too!

    Lots of luck for tomorrow, let us know how you get on asap!!


  • Thank you Hushpuppy - fingers crossed! Can't think about anything else. If i could buy an ultrasound machine I would! Silly isn't it?! Xxxx

  • Nope, not silly at all! I'd have bought one too!! i've got a Doppler but am too scared to use it incase i can't find a heartbeat!!  I'm a cuddly mama so think it may be hard work getting through the layers!!  

  • good luck for your scan smelanie!


    Where did you buy your doppler from hushpuppy? I don't know whether to get one or not, should be feeling movement in a couple of weeks. Xx

  • good luck smelanie!! Hope all goes well!! Thinking of u!! Xx

  • I bought if off eBay MrsAllen08, was only £10!   Now just have to pluck up the courage to use it!! Xx

  • tomorrow morning half ten for me.  really scared now....... think the next 24 hours are going to drag!!!!

  • Thanks everyone - it's comforting to know people are rooting for you! And good luck speccies for tomorrow xx

  • Hope your scans have gone wellimage 

  • Oooh Speccles, just noticed that yours was this morning!  I hope everything went well!

    let us know when you can! 


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