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Just wanted to wish you the very best of luck for your scan tomorrow.  Hope everything is as it should be!

Let us know please when you get chance!!




  • I was just coming to post the same thing. All the best for today!! Hope all is well and I'll be awaiting ur update!! Good luck hun, be thinking about u xx

  • Has anybody heard from Mrsallen?  I hope she's ok.


  • I wondered the same thing!! Hope she's ok!! Xx

  • hi ladies

    sorry for delay, we've been away for the weekend and signal was dreadful where we were.

    everything was fine at the scan! My official due date us 13/11.


    thanks for thinking about ne! X

  • That's fantastic news!! 

    I'm really pleased for you chick! 


  • Phew!!!! So happy for u Hun!! Was worried we were loosing more November mummies. I'm feeling so nervous about feeling ok. Still a week on thursday to wait. Keeping myself busy and my fingers crossed but I can't change anythinCoxCox

  • * xx don't know what coxcox was all about xx

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