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Symptoms dissappearing

Morning gorgeous ladies, when did ur symptoms disappear/ease. Really worrying now that something is wrong. Was sick last Saturday but nothing since. Just feeling pretty good and not sure that's a good thing at only 10weeks+3/4 days xx


  • Mine came and went to be honest which left me in a state of panic on more than one occasion. 

    I'd try to not think about it too much, easier said than done I know!  I'm sure everything will be fine though. Xx

  • im 11 weeks and i feel miles better than a week ago. my symptoms started to ease noticably at 10 weeks during my first pg as well so im not concerned. i still feel nauseous sometimes but its not nearly as bad as its been. im sure everything is fine so try not to worry x

  • I'm 12 weeks this weekend and the last three days I felt fine and have been panicking but sure enough I woke up this morning feeling terrible and have been sick! I must say though that I have had more energy since 10/11 weeks. Is there somewhere close you can get a private scan over next couple of days just to stop you worrying? I'm sure all is perfectly fine but just so you can relax and enjoy feeling good again! Xxx

  • I felt  great with my first pregnancy .. so I just think everybody and every pregnancy is different xx

    This time I'm feeling rotten it gets worse throughout the day imageLooking forward to it easing off a little xx

  • The come and go I'm 11 weeks today and mine have gone completely it's scary but doesn'me always mean bad news xxx

  • Yes I suppose ur right. It's just so different to my pregnancy with Riley. Was being very sick until 18 weeks xx

  • I had loads symptoms when I had miscarriage this time none really they keep coming and going maybey your lucky this time maybey it's a girl you never know Hun I did read something I don't know if it's right of like medical school saying that if you have more girls in your family then carrying a boy is harder like sicknes ect so if you had more girls that it wouldn't be as bad with girl or other wayround might be wrong just thought I would mention it xx

  • Aww that's very interesting missl! Maybe! Hopefully all is ok and I'm just lucky this time after how bad I was with Riley. less than 2 weeks to go and I'm away bank hol weekend so that will pass time. xx

  • fc all is fine xx

  • I think you will fine and your littlE sticky bean will be flashing away   Its crazy how happy times  can be so worrying lol I have my 13 week scan in 2 weekwhat under what date is yours ? Xxxx

  • Mines on the 9th. Suppose I'm just worried as seems like our November group is getting smaller. Thanks carioke, hope ur doing ok hun and u will be back with good news soon. Xx

  • Mines on 10th image good luck I have noticed a lot of this group are getting bad results i feel so sorry for them xx

  • I thought my sickness had gone but it's been back today with a vengeance! I feel like I've had the worst hangover all day but without the fun of a boozy night out!! 

  • I went out and had my partner stop at sideroad well I was sick a lot image talk about disappearing and coming back a night image xx and same feel like hangover 

  • I'm still feeling ok and worrying more. I am wishing myself to be sick now coz I feel happier knowing my symptoms are still there then. It's only coz I'm compairing it to my terrible sickness with Riley. Had it until 18weeks. Yes overall it's been better this time bjus haven't been sick in over a week and just dreading it xxx

  • hey hun
    just to put your mind at ease. as i said my symptoms started easing around 10 weeks and now im 12 weeks and really feeling ok. my bubba is perfectly fine as my scan showed and wriggling away. try not to worry too much. x

  • thanks hun! I had my booing appointment yesterday and broke down in front of midwife (bloody hormones) and she tried to get me in slightly earliebig or scan but nothing available. Mines on Thursday so not too much longer. Just keeping my fingers roughly crossed and focusing on my growing belly!!! Xx

  • got everything crossed for your scan. Have a good weekend away ad then just keep busy. Think its worse as the group has lost a few people so makes you even more paranoid. Xx

  • Thanks mrsallen, yes I think that has made me more paranoid. having a lovely relaxing weekend away and get home tonight at 10ish. Have lots to do tomorrow and work Wednesday so Thursday will be here before I know it!!!! Xx

  • hormones are horrible arent they? and the 12 week scan is such a milestone, i think everybody worries, no matter how sick they feel. only a few more days x

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