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Who's still waiting for their 12 week scan??

Hey ladies, just wonderineh who is still waiting for their 12 week scans??  Mine is on Thursday eeek!!!! Counting down the days now!! As u all know I've beewe quite paranoid this time as my symptoms went early, still don't really have many but I have. A growing bump now so hoping all is ok. Will post a bump shot Thursday after we have had scan. Just generally feeling much much better and so far found things not too bad which is either a bad sign or as I suffered so bad with Riley I've been let off lightly this time. Well I'm keeping myself busy this week s away still today and get home late tonight, have a busy day tomorrow catching up on housework and shopping, then Wednesday work and out Wednesday eve and Thursday scan at 10.10 so will head straight off after dropping my little man to nursery. Can't wait now!!!!!

Anna 12weeks or 11+6 xx


  • Hey, I am still waiting for my scan date to come through! I am 12weeks on friday and am getting very anxious i dont even have a date to look forward to or count down too image

    I hope your scan goes brilliantly tomorrow which im sure it will image xxx

  • Hello Hun I have my 13 week one on Friday let me know how you get on put a picture on xx

  • Hi Rileysmummy! Just wanted to say good luck tmrw and let us know how you get on xxxx

  • Thanks ladies yes all well!! Was such a relief!! Bought forward a few days too!! X

  • Aww im glad it went well how far are you rileysmunmy you must be about as far as me then when are you due xx

  • 13 weeks today she said so now due 14th November x

  • Aww your like 2 day before me congratulations hun xx

  •  Fab news! i know you were worried so am very pleased for you xxx

  • Yes I was so worried and very happy now!! Being a little further ahead may explain why I was feeling much better a few weeks ago x

  •  Aww good Hun so we be due round same time hehe glad everything fine was baby moving about mine is tomorrow xx

  • Good luck for tomorrow missl!! Hope it goes ok!  Yes notmuch between our dates! Riley was induced at 12 days late so I expect to go over xx

  •  Thank you rileysmummy me two heard heartbeat with Doppler so should be fine no there ain't hehe and aww  so it will be nice if you go around time  instead late   Xx

  • Good luck for tomorrow Missi! X

  • Oh yes really want to experience going into labour naturally this time as this will be about Last. Only want 2 so this is it! X

  • Thank you hush puppy how are you ? And aww I want natural but I have a few problems so scared be induced so won't be natural in my own time aww if you have a girl you will have it top girl and boy that's lucky xx

  • I'm good thank you! Still feel sick every now and then but at least it's not every day! I'm still tired in the evenings but think that's because I have broken sleep each night with needing the loo!!

    i'm 14+4 now and have heard the heartbeat on a Doppler which was great!

    I see the consultant at the end of this month as I had an emergency section with my daughter due to a failed induction at 14 days overdue so they're preparing me for needing another. We'll see though, at the end of the day as long as baby arrives healthy it doesn't matter how it comes out!

  • Good Hun  and aww same I'm always tired  I have heard heartbeat on Doppler I bought  worry a me when I can't find it aw hope it goes okay and you can have a nice natural pain free labour  and yeh true all about baby once we become pregnany xx

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