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Fetal Echo, anyone had one or know what it involves?

have been told that i will be getting a fetal echo to check my babys heart at 20weeks due to my epilepsy medication, has anybody ever had one or know what it involves??

xx dolly


  • No idea im sorry. Must just be a precaution due to your medication. If they thought there was any risk to baby though they would have swapped it before. Xx

  • yeah i think some of the epilepsy drugs are pretty brutal during pregnancy and the one i am on is apparently the best one to be on during pregnancy, i think its just a precautionary thing but not really sure what goes on!

    my local hospital is NDDH in barnstaple and they said that the fetal echo would be in bristol, i don't know whether that means the tests etc will be done in NDDH and sent off to bristol for results or i will need to go to bristol for the tests....i just don't know, i guess i'll have to ask at my next mw appt....


  • sorry hun I'm no use as never heard of it before. Hope u find out more when u next see ur midwife xx

  • 2 weeks until my mw appt, so i'll just wait it out i guess :/ should have asked at the time but i just didnt think to...pretty annoyed at myself actually, seems like an obvious question to ask but i just didnt! silly me!! think it involves a very indepth ultrosound scan which looks specifically at the babies heart in detail. still not sure whether i will need to go up to bristol or not though!! confused much!? xx

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