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  • Aww cute ximage 



  • Missl I think ur baby is a girl, and think mine is another boy xx

  • Do you think I really have a feeling I'm haveing a little Girl are scans look so different  what makes you think boy and girl xx

  • dont know really was just my first instinct when I looked the picture. R u planning on finding out? Xx

  • Yes in 3 weeks for 40 pound so very reasonable when is your 20 week scan mine is on the 04 July xx

  • Aww so cute aren't scans amazing xx

  • rileysmum i think yours is a boy cose nub pointing up and missl i think yours is a girl my nub was pointing forward like that and im having a girl image cant really tell with yours hushpuppy but all lovely pics.          19weeks 4days xx

  • aww do you i got a feeling girl keep dreaming a boy  but they say that would mean a girl 3 weeks and i can find out so excited aww bet your excited getting further along how are you feeling ? had baby been giving lots of kicks ? xx

  • Calee mine is so blurry, it's a rubbish pic! Perhaps it's due to the layers it has to scan through!! 

    I have no idea on that nub theory I'm afraid but it's a 50/50 chance of being right I suppose!! 


  • mine is so clear and i dident drink alot so dident have full bladder and im not skinny she did tell me its where and how there lay that can make picture good hun  u okay  xx

  • Hush puppy I think ur baby is a girl too! Do u know I think mine is another boy, I said to hubby I think boy but he so badly wants a girl. Will find out on 30th June when I'm 20 weeks x

  • I'd quite like it to be another girl as I'd love my daughter to have a little sister but I guess I'd be happy either way!!  I'm also struggling with a boys name that we both like!! 

    Do you have a preference at all Rileysmummy? Have you thought of any names? 

    My scan is on 19th June but it's so tempting to book a gender scan for in 10 days time!!

  • this is my little pickle, feel free to have a guess girl or boy image



  • missl im good thanks still feel a little sick when hungry but much better than i was,and getting lots of kicks now,hubby even been feeling them now. my little girl 3 is so excited about getting a sister having 4 big brothers.its gone so fast im half way tomorrow image i bet the next 20weeks goes slow now.  how you all feeling ?       i hope you all dont mind me gate crashing cose im due 1st oct but its nice to chat to others as well. xx    19weeks 6days

  • bless you Calee, It seems all the october mums all went striaght to facebook. I prefer to be on here then facebook after babies are born image Using this site is much more fun image 

    You still got sickness? mines slowly easing off. Im at that stage now where I want everything that I dont have in the house lol, it sucks. My son gets excited when we say wheres the baby and he points to my tummy. seems so much more real now the movements are stronger. felt my first real little kick last night image

  • hi dani. i prefer this to facebook to. still feel sick when im hungry and every time i brush my teeth i reach grr . its so nice when you feel those first little kicks it makes it feel more real. i know what you mean about wanting those baby bits i have a few but want the cot up etc lol,but hubby wants to wait a while hes still worried cose we had 2 mc before this little miracle came along.  x

  • sorry for your loss, weve also had two mc's one missed mc the other normal. it does effect you with every pregnancy you have there after. Only thing my OH has let me get out which he now regrets is my big Mat pillow and oh how I love it so. even tho he tries to steel it off me at night lol x

  • Aww calee I'm feeling fine Hun glad your feeling well and happy no your not gate crashing Hun your welcome its not about just due dates about friendships and helping. Each other through image I used my Doppler I'm 13 weeks and 2 days and heartbeat so strong and could hear it booting so strong my partner jumped bless him   

    dani I have a feeling boy for some reason  and you seem same me I have had onor miscarriage an one missed miscarriage  sorry for your losses dani and calee   xx

  • sorry for your losses girls.  i have had 6mc over the years and it really is heartbreaking. so every one of my soon to be 6children are a real blessing. even though im 20weeks today and shes moving loads im still really nervous about my scan next monday x

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