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Stomach Bug or food poisening??

I'm 14 weeks plus 3 days.  Yesterday morning I didn't feel right, woke up with a banging head and felt sick.  Within an hour I had diarreha (sorry can't spell it) and sick lots.  I couldn't keep anything down not dry crackers or anything, was sipping water but was sick 5 times.  Today I'm not sick at all just feeling very weak and aching all over.  I did have a lovely bump starting to show but now my stomach is as flat as a pancake.  The night before it started I fried some chicken which was definately cooked and in date but I'm always paranoid about meat.  I'm worried in case it is food poisening.  My little girl got sick yesterday too and she had the meat, but my husband also had the meat but is absolutely fine.  Do you think it sounds like a bug, I've read that certain types of food poisening can be fatal for unborn babies.  And why is my stomach so flat, where is my bump??? image


  • so sorry you have been unwell. I think you should see your GP or midwife and get all your questions answered. It could as easily be a bug as food poisoning. Your bump is probably flat from dehydration hun, it sounds like you've been very poorly. Hope you are feeling better soon and all is well...sending hugs

  • Thank you.  I was pretty ill.  I've eating today am just really achy but do worry.  I've not felt baby move yet, that would help if I felt a movement, but probably wishful thinking.  Maybe I will go see GP.  Thanks again.

  • I'm 16 weeks and only just starting to feel what I think is pip moving x glad you're managing to eat, that's the important thing. See your midwife/GP just to put mind at ease and rest up, drink plentyof water and let us know how you get on xxx

  • I saw my GP and he said nothing to worry about.  I'm much better now.  I was really sick for 24 hrs and then really drained for a couple of days, but feeling fine again now and my little bump is back again too image

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