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Proper introductions

Hi Ladies, im Dani 24 from Burnham Berkshire. I have a son Nathan who is 2 and a half who has recently been diagnosed with autism, and we are now expecting our next little bundle on the 27th October image



  • I am Jaz, I am 31, and live in Lincoln.

    I have a little girl Ella who is 2yrs 8 months, and my due date for October is the 1st (Ella arrived 3 weeks before her due date and I am hoping the next one will be about the same!)


  • Hi!

    I'm 28 and from Derby, were expecting our first also on the 27th October!

  • Hi. I'm new to the site. I'm Kati, from Darlington. I have a little girl who is 3 at the end of May and I am due again on the 6th Oct. I have had a scan already due to a previous ectopic pregnancy. I was 6+5 , exact with my dates and baby was healthy. having a lot of symptoms since a matter of a few days after conception, the worst ones being constant nausea, tiredness and constipation. how is everyone else feeling?
  • Hi I'm Becky and I live in Surrey. I've got a little girl who's going to be 2 in April and our second baby is due on the 16th October! X
  • Afternoon ladies! I am Heidi-lee I am 25 live in glasgow. I have dd Heidi who is 3 and ds Zander who is two. I have just had two mc one after the other and my last one was only in middle of jan so I am preg again right after mc and I am very scared!! I think I should be due around 29th oct!

    Lovely to meet everyone! X
  • Hi I'm Katherine I'm almost 30 eek and live in west midlands. I recently found out I'm having twins! Due to having an early scan due to pain. This is our first pregnancy so it's all a bit daunting at the moment! X not sure of due date yet x
  • Hi Ladies

    I'm 25 and live in North Yorkshire. We are expecting our long awaited first baby and I am feeling so incredibly lucky to be here. Had an early scan and they dated me back 3 days so I'm due between the 10th and the 13th. Had an early scan due to clomid and to check numbers and positioning. They could only see one beany and it had a lovely strong heartbeat, soooo excited!

    Look forward to getting to know you all image

  • Hi lady'simage I'm Joanne 36 from East Midlands, I have a 16 year old daughter Shannon, who will be taking her GCSE 's this year!! My husband and I have just gone through a cycle of ICSI and had 2 little embryos placed back we got the positive result we wanted and we are currently 5 weeks 1 day, I have a scan In 3weeks so fingers crossed all ok, I've had nausea, bad back pain, bloating, bad dreams and that's when I can sleep haha I don't mind theses symptoms just glad I'm pregnant to be honest, hope you all are feeling well xxxxx imageimage xx
  • Were you all ttc or was anyone's pos test a surprise? I had my implant removed 28 nov 12 had a period 2days later then another 30 dec. we didn't have sex until 3rd jan and from 8th jan onwards I felt sick and sore breasts and 'felt' pregnant. According to ovulation things I have read I shouldn't have conceived then but I did and over the moon image
  • Yes KRF we were TTC for nearly 3years, congratulations to you on you BFP image x
  • Thanks.same to you. What a frustrating 3 years you must have had. I worried I would go through the same as have PCOS. What does your daughter make of it all?x
  • Hi my names Leanne Im 36 and im due on 6th. This is my first time ever on a site or forum ....eeek! This will be my third, I had a mc in Dec. I have two sons one will be 7 in august and the other will be 4 in June.. I feel very diff this time compared to my pregnancies with my two boys, I was very nausea but its not as bad this week, felt sick but was never actually sick (lucky me) .... I was very much on edge at start of this one after having mc at 7weeks in dec, Im going on 9weeks now!!!

  • I'm due 6th too image I feel the same symptoms(but worse) as I did with my girl. One difference is the constipation which I didn't have before. I'm beginning to think I just feel worse because I am older and already have a little one to look after who tires me out lol. I had an m/c at 6 weeks before my little girl which two weeks later I found out was actually an ectopic pregnancy so I have been nervous too. Scan showed baby in my uterus but still waiting for that blood to appear, or the pain to start, so hard to switch of from a bad experience x
  • KRF my daughters very excited and talks to me about it a lot she's very supportive which is nice, I have and am worried every day but I think it's normal. We've had ICSI and had to pay privet so it's our only chance as can not afford to do it again so I can understand about being anxious xxx

    Hello leanneb2 congratulations on your BFP image xxx
  • Joanne7 it's nice to know she is supportive as having a niece who is 19 and still going through an awful teenage stage I know how 16 year olds can be,lol. X
  • We were ttc for 20 ish months but were told before Christmas we had a less than 2% chance of conceiving so we were waiting to see if IVF-ICSI funding was going to become available in our area. So while this wasn't a complete surprise BFP I was rather shocked!

    Still a wee bit concerned about lack of symptoms although when I stop and think I am having quite a few just not been sick and only felt sick a handful of times!

    Leanneb2 I used to be on here all the time in our first year of ttc and have to say I think all the ladies I have chatted with have been lovely




  • Hi ladies, and big congrats on your BFPs!! image And extra congrats kittykat on expecting twins, amazing news!

    I'm saying a very cautious hello, I'm 4+6 weeks today, got my BFP on Monday but had a bit of brown spotting last night... so am praying it's implantation bleeding and not something sinister. Don't have any cramps or anything, and in fact no PG symptoms at all so far! Been trying for this baby for 3 months and he or she will be baby no.2 for us, we have our DS who is 10 months old. I'm due 31st October going by my last period, although I'd been using a fertility app to keep track of CM and this reckons I OVed late and am due first week in November. However all being well I'll be having another C-section so bubs should be an October baby either way!

    Wishing us all a happy and healthy 8(ish) months! x

  • Hiya,

    I'm Becky and I'm expecting baby number 2. My dd is 2 years 3 months and I reckon this baby is due 24th October. I had a mc at 10 weeks when we were ttc #1 so I'm trying not to let myself get too excited. These first 12 weeks are going to drag! I've had strong symptoms already (been feeling quite nauseous, absolutely exhausted, and have started throwing up) so it's all looking good!

    I've met some great mummies through the Due in November 2010 group (which is now on Facebook) and look forward to getting to know all of you.

    Congratulations and all the best with your pregnancies!

    Beckyboo xxxx

  • I'm Leeann from NI, I'm expecting my third baby on 22nd Oct, my ds is 8 and dd will be 2 in April. I haven't really had any symptoms so far, but I am constantly thirsty! Congrats to everyone on their bfp! image
  • hello ladys image im a mummy of a 15 month old little girl called lexi, she is my world so we started trying for a second 5 months ago and I caught on quickly but unfortunately I had a miscarriage image took us by shock because my pregnancy with lexi was so straight forward but I have just found out I'm pregnant again n very nervous in these early stages.

    Congrats to everyone image

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