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Thought id do this thread for when we just want to say hi for the day and have a chat to one and other image

Im at work today, iv hit the 6 weeks mark, although iv felt slightly sicky its not really there yet so im hopeing this pregnancy is like the one with my son where i had no siickness. Although I have a bit of a bump already and trying to cover that under a shirt is not going to work today hhmmm.


How is everyone else feeling? What are you all doing today? x



  • I'm already feeling better as time goes on touch wood 8 weeks today. Going to a craft/food fayre for mothers day gifts image but yeah I have a little bump already which I'm guessing with the fact I have two in there is unavoidable x
  • aww bles you kitty (hope you dont mind the short) do you have a photo of your bump so far. im a bit worried about having twins as its in my family. and a few friends say i look quite big already, but really i havnt had sickness and they say u r always sick with twins? x

  • Morning Ladies!

    Dani good luck hiding your bump today. I can't do my work trousers up anymore so have to put a belt round the top. Problem is you can still tell my trousers are undone when I sit down, luckily my work jumper kind of covers it but makes me too warm lol.

    Kitty glad you're feeling a better. I think twinnie bumps do show earlier, lots of floaty tops and scarves might hide it if you want to!

    I haven't really felt too sick yet which was worrying me but I've had the odd spell of it so I'm sure all is fine. Not doing much today, really. Got to go and see some family in a bit but that won't be for long. Hubs is in bed after a night shift so I'm enjoying a bit of tv time lol

  • Hi lady's nice to have a little chat, I'm nausea again today but it eases off when I eat haha, I'm 6 weeks tomorrow and I also have a small bump I did though have two embryos put back with our treatment so could be twins in hereimage, my jeans don't fit and my work trousers have to have the zip almost all the way down image I've ordered some more but probably will take ages to come I'm a nurse and have a strict uniform policy haha, I'm going for a little shopping today, then a nice walk with my husband as my 16yr old just wants to watch television teenagers eh haha, I'm then on nights tonight so need to try and get a little rest hope you all have a nice day guys xxxx
  • hi all, im feeling more sick every day, im 9weeks 1day today and can only just do my jeans up, having to wear baggy tops now as we havent told friends yet because of mc in dec.every sunday i like to make a roast dinner for hubby and our 5 its the only day we are time i love it. hope you all have a lovely day x

  • Evening ladies. well i hid my bump ok i think i wore a larger chunky knitt jumper which hid it well enough. im a supervisor for debenhams home and kids dept so i have to be carefull, im just luky i dont have to wear uniform. my trousers were major tight though dont think they will fit for long at all im going to see if ebay have any maternity trousers in my size lol. 

    did everyone have a nice day? is anyone doing something nice for mothersday next week? im working and cant get out of it so going to celebrate saturday instead x

  • Sounds like we're all having trouser issues! I'm trying to hold off buying maternity ones until after our scan at least so will have to try and cope or buy some in the next size up.

    Well I went out for a few hours, got home and promptly crashed out on the sofa for 3 and a half hours. Poor hubs! Feel dreadful now but hopefully it means bubba is growing big and strong image

  • iv bought leggings as thats all that fits me when im pregnant. im usually a size 6 (weight issue) but i had to buy size 12 yesterday so they fit perfect now and have some room for my bump lol. has anyone got a bump pic they want to share yet? x

  • Hey ladies image can i join you? had my first doc app the other day and she has put my EDD at 27th oct, but am sure im a week later than that but hey.... get a scan sooner...

    Hope all is well with everyone. Cant wait to share our progress

     Manda x

  • I haven't done a bump pic yet as I think any bump I have is food! Will be doing one later so I can compare later on.

    Hi Manda, hope you're well.

  • You never know dani as I haven't had much sickness at all although had a lot of period type pain. Not got a bump pic yet x
  • Afternoon ladies, how are you all? tierdness has definately kicked up a notch today. took my autistic son to a sing and dance group this morning then took him to stay and play this afternoon. that was tiering enough let alone coming home and cleaning the house, tidying up after my son and getting dinner on. I think an early night is on the agenda tonight. whats everyone done today? x

  • Just been at work as usual super tired today too x
  • OH my days ladies i got leaky boobs already ;'-( 

  • Hi ladies!

    Been fairly busy today so only just made it on! We had our booking appt this morning and when we got home we sat and looked through the packs we were given. I had lunch and then slept for a while. Just been out for my mum's birthday, am knackered now! Ate far too much too. Had my first lot of proper nausea this morning, turns out the shower brings it on which I knew but it didn't disappear until lunch time and I couldn't face breakfast. Yuck!

    Dani my hubs asked yesterday when my boobs would start leaking, it never occured to me it could happen so soon! That said I don't think they've changed much and haven't been sore at all.

    Kitty I think we should all be allowed the 8 weeksish between finding out and the second trimester off work, I was struggling so much last week. Luckily I'm off this week!

    Hope everyone is doing ok image xx
  • That sounds like a good idea! Sometimes esp a Friday I'm genuinely sleepy at work good job I have noisy children around to keep me awake! X
  • MrsM87 I strated leaking at 20 weeks with my son im just shocked to be leaking so early this time round. it might be due to me bf my son for 11 months. i find they leak more when i have a hot shower or bath. my boobs grew loads in the pregnancy with my son, from a b to a f im only an a at the moment i do miss the big boobs as long as they dont shrink to nothing again this time image lol xx

  • Kitty I work a few evenings and find I could sit at my desk alseep lol.

    Dani I guess the warm is releasing it, I did see somewhere it can happen earlier next time round. I think it's as your body already knows what to do! Fc it means lots of good hormones!

    On the subject of boobs, I'm not sure mine have grown yet, deffo had a change in shape mind. Be interesting to see what happens. Maybe I should be measuring myself!

  • Just had my doctors app, all is well, bp is fine, dates are fine, bump is bigger than average but healthy. just have to wait till i have my midwife app now image going to try and book it tomorrow image

  • That's great news Dani!!! I'm going to chase my midwife appointment up tomorrow. It all gets exciting from here doesn't it. We are so lucky : ) xx
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