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Hey : ) Im 7 weeks tomorrow and im absolutely bloody shattered all the time!! I could literally go to sleep (and often do) at 8:30 every night. I have no energy whatsoever and just feel on another planet half the time. The nausea has also started, not being sick but the only thing that settles my stomache is food. And lots of it! Anyone else feeling like this? Xx


  • Hi Mrs Bean111, Im due in November and Im also so tired! I can't get enough sleep at the moment! Ive started feeling a little sick too. Ive been eating loads and now Im really bloated. Im just over 5 weeks. Hope you find some energy soon xx

  • Hi Mrs Bean111 i'm exactly the same. I'm 8 weeks tomoz and feeling so exhausted and sick. Food doesn't really settle me stomach and i've gone off everything. I'm having difficulty cooking food for my hubby and toddler as the smell makes me feel sick. Its horrible isn't it!!?? I cannot wait for this bit to be over.

  • Yep I know what you mean. Im usually a night owl and not in bed till 11ish . At the moment im putting the kids to bed at 8, having a bath and im in bed for half past. Really not like me, I described it to hubs like a hangover being headachy tired with constant sea sickness. I just keep thinking it doesn't last forever. With dd it lasted for ages tho well into my 28+ weeks. With ds it was only til bout 14 weeks. I just want my scan so I can see what its all worth it for lol. Im not due to see mw til 22nd. I'll be 10weeks. Hope scan comes through quickly after xx
  • Thanks gals - its reassuring that others feel the same.

    Totallyconfused - my widwife appt is also on the 22nd : )
  • I know hopefully won't last forever. Feeling a tiny bit better today but still sick just not as tired. I'm not even sure when i'm going to get my appointment through. I live in Glasgow and apparently they do think differently here (just moved here). Doc said it would probably be 12-14 wks before i see anyone and i have to go to the main hospital for all my appointments. I was a bit annoyed about that as last time everything was done at my local health centre. Ah well, will just have to wait and see.

  • I am 10 weeks and constantly exhausted. Really struggling with work and a toddler. Hopefully it will start to ease soon.
  • hiya am new to this forum but i can already see the benefits of seeing what everyone else is feeling am 5 or 6 weeks gone and feeling the same as yourself very tired sleeping alot, this is my first child and very nervous

  • I have been stupidly tired, was my only symptom when we got our bfp and has been my only consistent one! I was off work last week and enjoying at least one nap in the afternoon. I'm dreading having to cope without it at work!

  • I'm only five weeks and Also got killer back ache which apparently is worse with second babies. Love it though after four miscarriages ill take all the symptoms I can get!!!!
  • Hi guys I'm 7weeks tomorrow and I'm constantly nausea and have started getting very tired too, I've started drinking lemon and ginger tea which helps a little but the only thing sometimes that works is eating. I'm so bloated but looking forward to our 8 week scan next Monday just want to see all is ok. Hope you all have had a nice day? image I'm working full time as a nurse and its getting harder by the day I'm sure it will pass image xxx
  • i cant be arsed working anymore ! excuse my french its the baby lol i love getting home and chilling am going to portugal next week cant wait guna have to re think my career when am out there telesales is not working for me any more now am hormonal xximage

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