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One Day....

One day, later this year it will be warm and sunny outside, and we will all be blooming, with glowing faces, with our luscious shiney hair.... and our propper baby bumps...

Oh yes, that will happen.....



  • that us hoping, not dreamingimage

  • That will be a dream... I don't "blossom" in pg. I look tired haggard and generally rough. Heres hoping this ones different lol x
  • I hope you're right! I'm so sick of the chuffing rain!

    Also as it stands I look pretty rough, I'm waiting for the "glowing" stage!

    Be gone spots and dry frizzy hair and black circles under my eyes!!!

  • Yeah I just look rough too ridiculous amount of spots and oilier skin! X
  • So glad to hear im not the only one suffering with spots! I feel so minging, spots are getting me down big time. Hope its not gonna last long xx
  • I look green most of the time with sickness, dry skin, split nails. Definitely looking forward to blooming and better weather.
  • Oh great post Jazzy!! My hair was amaze last time, really hoping it goes nice again this time, as post-pg it's a right straggly mess! It's gone so thin! Probs have none left after this baby lol xxx

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