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i do find some people strange!

Been trying to keep pregnancy fairly quiet so far family and few people at work know. Well either people have been talking or overhearing quiet conversations at work, two people instead of either keeping quiet or else coming and congratulating me had made odd comments. For example someone just turned to me in the middle of staff room and said 'got any cravings then?' I was taken aback! Why would u just say I've heard your news congrats. I find it a bit strange! X


  • Jealous Maybe? only one girl at work knows about me as she guessed from the size of my stomach, I know I can trust her though, to be honest if i cant keep my sickness at bay I might have to tell my manager this weekend. what sort of environent do you work in hun? x

  • A school and guess it's a bit gossipy but just know if it was other way round i would either say congrats or keep quiet til I was told by person in question. I had literally told about 3 people as wanted to keep it quiet til 12 week scan x
  • Ugh!

    Some people can be soo rude. I agree they're prob jealous. It spoils your excitement tell everyone and showing off scan piccy when you get it.

    You should reply " no cravings as of yet but im sure when I do you'll be the first to find out you nosy cowbag"

    I love that we can rant on here to let off steam. That would of really annoyed me.

    Take care xx
  • Oooo I would have said why would I? I thought you were pregnant!

    That would've made me so mad. My dad managed to tell someone and it's someone who doesn't live near us/know anyone we know but I was still pretty po'd! It's more it's no one elses business until you want them to know so why not just keep quiet or ask you politely? Grrrrr I'm annoyed for you!

  • Thanks I was wondering if I was being over sensitive but it has bugged me also would people not think the fact I haven't made a big announcement might mean I want to keep it quiet til 12 weeks. I worry enough as it is expecting twins and knowing my sister had a missed miscarriage with twins in January and only found out 3 days before 12 week scan x
  • Totally with you kitty, with my last most people who I hardly knew on the office thought that it was perfectly fine to ask me outright about being pg. Despite not usually having the energy to say hello to me. One even took it upon themself to let my manager know in case I was keeping it from him too. What a load of dick heads!!! Fortunately my manager knew already, could not have been happier for me and took great delight in advising the person how completly unprofessional they had proven themselves. Ok everyone likes to gossip, hands up to that, but asking someone or making a comment to their face is simply stupid. Xxx
  • Agree with the other ladies that's so rude! How dare they! That woudve made me mad too. They r probably just jealous!! xxxx

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