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Sleep glorious Sleep

Hi ladies, hope you and bumps are all well. Oh how I love my sleep at the moment, yesterday i went to bed at 7 woke around 1am for a snack then back to bed till 8 (odd loo break all through the night) and belive it or not im desperate to go back to bed, im finding i can have up to 2 naps in the day (if my 2year old will let me) even if its 30 mins while he watches mickey mouse it does me the world of good for my sickness. I still get the odd insomnia during the night where it takes a little longer to drift after using the loo, but all i want to do is sleep. 

Hows everyone else getting on? (makes me greatful i do only work Sundays) xxx


  • I'm the same but I work 33 hours a week. Love weekends when I can sleep in and have naps. My toddler trrhas stopped naps during the day now and jumps on me if I nod off. My ideal evening is being in bed by 8-30. Barely seeing hubby as he doesn't get back from work til 7.
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