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I think I feel a bit better....

OMG I think, and I am nervous of talking too soon, but I think I have started to feel a bit better. Over the weekend and this morning I have been sick only a couple of times and apart from when I am actually sick I feel kind of ok. And I managed to sleep lots last night too.

It feels so strange not to feel like total death.

I am 11 and 4 now, so I guess it is plausible it could be starting to calm down around this time..... But now I am feelig super paranoid - there is that weird reassurance from the sickness that things are working ok.

12 week scan on Friday this week, Can not come soon enough!!!



  • You're at about the right time in your pregnancy for the placenta to be taking over so I wouldn't worry. Easier said than done, I know! The sleeping probably made you feel better today anyway x

  • I understand what ya mean, I feel so pants majority of the time! When I feel 'normal' it actually makes my day amazing haha.

    Fingers crossed the worst is over, soo exciting bout ur scan jazzy, im 9+4 and havent seen mw yet. Let us know how you get on xx
  • My famous last words on Sat were "I haven't felt sick yesterday or today so maybe it's going." I spent from about 2:30 on the sofa yesterday feeling awful, possibly the worst yet. Today I'm a little bit better but I've been feeling off all day and if I wasn't at work I'd be asleep right now! It is about the right time for it to be calming down now though so try not to worry. Not long until you see baby either image

  • Ah thanks ladies.... Hopefully am fast tracking to the bloom!

    Yay, can't wait till Friday to see baby. Xxxx
  • We have our 12 week scan in 2 weeks time can't wait to see ourtwins again just hope the next 2 weeks don't drag! X
  • Eurgh. Famous last words. Feel awful. image

  • Oh no! I'm feeling rough today too, don't think I had enough to drink yesterday!

  • Do you know I think fluids make a massive difference, though I never really want to drink anything, I do notice that keeping the fluids up does leave me feeling a bit better!

    Sorry you are suffering too.


  • I'm struggling to drink enough, completely gone off lots of things which is pants but I have discovered lime juice and lemon juice are keeping me going!

    On the upside having symptoms are reassuring, as is the cheapie pregnancy test I did this afternoon!

  • Ha, I still have on PG test in the cupboard and cant belive I have not actually used it yet image



  • lol ladies, i have 12 left i got 32 for £4 on ebay lol x

  • I think I did one a day up till about 7 weeks, I had ic's and a box of proper tests saved for when I thought I was pg but I bought maybe 40 more cheapies from ebay after I got my bfp lol. Apparently I'm a little crazy but I could not believe it had finally happened!

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