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baby movements already :-)

evening ladies, my oh thought i was going mad but im not. im only 8 weeks and had the first movements today. just above my pelvic bone, and have to say they are fairly strong considering. im very slim and already have a decent size bump. gotta be a good sign image


  • Wow Dani that's amazing. I have been wondering if a couple of flickering feelings could be movements this last couple of days but thought it was far too early and my imagination was running away with me..... Bit may be it could be?

    Can't wait till they unquestionable! Xxxx
  • Wow dani didn't think that was possible so early is there a chance u could be further along than you thought? X
  • I am deffo not imagining this, I am certain I am feeling movement. Not much, and really particular, but am certain that is what it is. I am 13 & 3 now so I think has this is number two it is fair to say that is not too early. baby about the size of a lemon or something they say, so figures...






  • I felt my first LO move at 13/14 weeks, it was definitely him as he had the same pattern of movements thruout the rest of the pregnancy, so no i dont think it's too early to be baby! What a wonderful feeling, cannot wait til this LO starts nudgiing mama!! xxxxxxx

  • Cant imagine how weird its gonna feel have two babies moving round inside me! Particularly so that this is my first pregnancy so i dont know what it feels like with one either! x

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