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12 Week Scan Dates

As the title says, when is everyones 12ish week scan? Thought it'd be good to have a list of all the dates image Mine is on the 28th of March so a week and 2 days, not that I'm counting! xx


  • My midwife came out yesterday so I should receive my letter soon! I'll be sure to post as soon as I know : )
  • I am this Friday, 22nd, hurry up Friday!


  • How long is the wait usually between midwife appt and scan? I have my midwife appt on Friday, hoping I won't have to wait too long for scan! I'm so impatient! Lol.
  • My scan is on the 5th April! Can't wait! X
  • Mine is the 28th as well. Not long to go. My midwife apt was 28th feb so a month between the 2.
  • My scan is on 5th April too.  My midwife rang the scan dept at my booking in appt. x

  • Mine is on the 27th March image bit nervous but so excited too. Tinkerbell007 I waited a couple of days after my booking appt after receiving a letter telling me when my scan was. So you shouldn't be waiting long image good luck everyone image
  • Tinkerbell I saw the mw on the 4th of March and got my letter about 10 days after but every area is different. I also think that as I saw the mw in our teeny town and she has to send the forms to the local hospital it probably took longer to get a date. I'm exactly 12 weeks for my scan, depending on what tests you want they have to do it before a certain point.

    Megsmum all I can say is hurry up the 28th!

    I'm just glad they fit me in before the bank holiday, fingers crossed it means I can spend some of the weekend shopping!

  • Mines 18th April, I'm not looking forward to mine coz of the drinking a litre of water thing grrrrrrrrr I sooo hate that bit lol, but get see baby n make sure all is ok so silver lining I suppose lol
  • No idea!

    Ive got midwife friday I'll be 10 weeks so hopefully not long after xx
  • Mine is 2nd April 2 weeks today cannot wait to see our little twins again and see how they have grown since when we saw them at 6 weeks! X
  • Kitty I can't wait to compare my 6+6 "blob" picture with the next one!

    Hope all you ladies waiting for dates get them soon image

  • My booking in is on 2ndapril and scan is on 10th April. I think I will only be at 11weeks at scan tho!

    Some don't have long to wait your very lucky! Xx
  • Ooooooh how exciting girls!! I have only just been able to get in touch with my MW this morning and have arranged my booking in for nxt week, I'll b almost 9 weeks, so hopefully will hear not long after that! Good luck everyone!! xxxx

  • my mw aint till the 4th, then have to wait for my scan, I have three hospitals to choose from for the scan so hopefully should get it on time, I need to have mine done on 12 weeks as im away for 2 weeks after to go home to Cardiff x

  • 5th April but I think I will call and postpone until the 12th. I think they only do them on a Friday. Just had an early scan and all fine imageD

  • Beckyboo2012 glad the scan went well for you hun xx

  • i had a scan on the 13th when i was 11weeks so they doing my next scan at 14weeks on 2nd april,cant wait. like you dani i have a lovely bump image so had to tell everyone.           12weeks 3days pregnant yippy xx

  • Had my booking apt today and my scan is booked for the 8th april xx
  • Beckyboo glad all was well at your scan image

    Calee exciting to be past 12 weeks and being able to share your news!


    Is it just me or has time started to feel like it is standing still since you got your 12 week scan date? It seems to be taking forever and is making me more anxious by the day!



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