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Early Scan Yesterday

All was fine. Nice strong strong heartbeat and measuring according to my dates. Yay! 12 week scan booked for 5th April but may see about putting it back a week. Feel like I can begin to enjoy it a little. Next milestone is 10 weeks (Monday) which is when mc happened. Hope you're all well and enjoying your pregnancies. I'll be around more when I can stay up past 8pm!!!


  • Great news, really happy for you : ) always very reassuring to have an early scan and be told all is ok! I'll be around more also when not so tired xxx
  • Here's the little bean! It doesn't really show much but a relief that everything is okay x



  • aww what a gorgeous little bean. very happy for you hun, dying to see my little pickle, still got 4 weeks to go image

  • Glad all ok. It is a bit of a relief having an early scan. We paid private to have one 9 weeks as scan wasn't until I was 13 and I was anxious to know all ok. Only 1 more week to my hospital scan, can't wait to see my little wriggler again.
  • Awww lovely bean piccy. I have my "blob" piccy from 6+5 ish framed, cannot wait to compare it to the next one image


  • Hey Ladies,

    Where can you get a private scan done and how much are they? I'm 7 weeks, 5 days and cannot wait for my 12 week scan!!!

  • Hello becky boo I had early scan today how far are you I have get past 11 week when miscarried last time My Scan picture was blob how far was you x
  • This was part of a private hospital ans was ??75. There's a company called baby bond who have a lot of branches nationally but I would google or perhaps ask gp? This was 9 weeks x
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