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possible water infection?

Felt off colour last couple of days and had sharp pains on and off around where pass urine could it be an infection? If so is there a risk to babies taking antibiotics for it?


  • Well I am prone to uti and you probly have one but various doctors said to me only of your past 9 week because even paracetomol can affect your baby's growth how far are you
  • Hey, sounds like it could be a UTI, but don't worry they are easily treatable. The 2 safest meds to take during pregnancy are: Paracetamol and Amoxycillin. I had a UTI in my 6th week of pregnancy and was prescribed Amoxycillin to take for 5 days. Get yourself seen ASAP though! Mine was caught early on, I went to see dr with abdominal and back pains. Drink plenty of fluids too! x
  • you not even suppost have amoxycillin or paracetmol if you can put up with it untill you are past 9 week i went to my doctor and then another one and they said can interact with your babys developmentshe said inless your weeing blood and getting fever then the worst scenario have to have antiiotics i had them last time and i miscarried so becarefull x

  • Ok I'm 11 weeks today and doesn't seem too bad so will see how I am in morning x
  • you should be okay but go to your doctors and ask nut if it not bad it should go if you just drinik water it will flush it out your system and cranberry juice is great x

  • Hope it continues to get better for you. I thought I had the start of one a few weeks back but as it was a Friday evening I decided to drink a pint of water every hour on top of my normal drinks to try and flush it out. Seemed to work quickly. If you're concerned though speak to your gp as untreated it could, in theory, do a lot of damage. Fingers crossed you won't need anything and are feeling better tomorrow. Rest lots!

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