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So.....I've woken up and dont feel sick!!!!

Woohoo have had really bad case of hg since 6 weeks pregnant. Got medication from doc etc but nothing seemed to really kick it but......last few days have become increasingly better and without jinxing myself I don't feel sick today!!!!! Am hoping that this is the start of me turning a corner fingers crossed!!!!! Wooohooooo!!!!!


  • Yaaaaaay. I feel your joy!


    This last week has seen massive improvemtns for me. TBH I thought it had gone totally for a bit but it does come in waves now and again (esp in the mornings) but nothing like it did.


    Bring on the bloom!!!




  • Well I lasted all day feeling normal ish. Only slight niggle I had was when I was at hairdressers and was leaning back to get my hair washed felt terrible!!!!! Passed quickly though phew!
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