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One Born

I just indulged in my weekly obsession with One Born... im now an emotional wreck! Soo sad... hubby doesnt get it. Any one else see it tonight and now sobbing their heart out? Hope all our babes are healthy, fingers crossed. Im paranoid now somethin is wrong xxx


  • Yeah I watched it and was sobbing that couple was so brave x
  • Me too! But im now terrified about my 20 weeks scan....eep! Noone should have to go through a trauma like that, my heart goes out to them x

  • It was very sad image lots of tears ... have to say thought that as a subject it was treated really well in the programme ....


  • Totally agree! Managed to cover the subject soo well. I even woke myself up about 3am feeling upset for the couple. Heart goes out to them.

    Hormones aye!
  • so very sad image but what a brave couple,baby kaiden would be proud of his parents.hope they go on and have a healthy baby when they are ready.  sure makes you relise how lucky you are. x

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