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Feeling guilty......

Hi, i'm 10 + 6 and im having an attack of guilt for my hubby. I'm so tired in the evenings that i can barely keep my eyes open past 8:30pm. I'm often in bed early, sex is the last thing on my mind and im so cold all the time that i'm wrapped up in bed in a hoody and blanket - not very sexy. I have no energy to do anything and after a full day at work i'm completely shattered. Hes being very understanding but i just think what a boring lazy cow ive turned into. Sorry gals - rant over! Anyone else feeling the same? X


  • Yep, except I don't feel guilty about it! lol I'm sure he understands hun, this pregnancy business does take it out of you! x
  • Lee,, think I am with you there,,, acting just the same but not feeling too guilty, I feel guilty with my DD as she is too little to understand why I am not myself, but as far as DH goes, its the cross he's got to carry, afterall being PG, giving birth, ad then looking after a new born are all a bit rubbish really .... and I am doing that for all of us. If you do the crime you can do the time...... Anyway, he can always take a long showerimage he he



  • Haha Jazzy! Yeah I agree with you, I feel more guilty about my 2 year old, she doesn't understand why mummy isn't doing as much with her image x
  • Im nearly 19 weeks and we've had sex once! And didnt last long as i found it painful image

    He dosnt seem too fussed about it but with our work pattenes atm we dont see much of each other anyway!

    Have to say i AM missing sex, ive never had much of a sex drive and could happily live without it tbh but im missing the closness you get from it. Lucky he's been understanding, but do need to find out why it was painful! (TMI) but feels like im too tight down there, was like losing my virginity all over agen! image WTF

  • LOL... Supersquish having your cherry popped more than once is something I would wish on no-oneimage

  • I know right! mabe try with some lubericant next time, hopefully will help! image



  • Thanks girls - maybe your right! image x
  • Mrs B dont feel guilty. my oh has a large sex drive and iv told him to shove it till I hit 12 weeks and no baby is ok. weve done it twice since i found out, i hate sex, its fo baby making only lol. 

    my oh is forever whinging about not getting any, I told him i honstly couldnt care less, told him he has to understand how i feel and that im tierd and run down, sex is the last thing on my mind these days. will make the most out of it at 2nd trimester as third theres no way im doing it lmao x

  • In really enjoying it ATM, it don't happen as often but certainly not a chore for me lol
  • My hubby told me he feels like he's not wanted anymore now that I'm pregnant!! I know it's the last thing on my mind simply because I'm tired and I feel groggy most days but I do want to try and not let him feel neglected!x

  • Well ladies u may be suprised by this, my hubs has declared he doesn't want to do it at all whilst im pregnant says its wouldnt feel right thing im most concerned about is that he will be wanting it even less once ive had the babies x
  • Kitty wish my oh was like that, hes winging 24/7. i could live the rest of my life without sex, bar baby making lol xx

  • I think moaning about sex when your wife/partner is pregnant is selfish and insensitive!!

    Through the day (if I feel ok) I have every intention but then by the time we've sat down and watched a bit of tv I just want to sleep!!image

  • My husband wouldn't dare whinge!! He's appreciative that I'm suffering so that we can have a baby! We do talk about it, and have done it once since we found out, it was a bit painful and left me with cystitis so we're waiting a little while before we go again. Feeling shattered and unattractive don't really put me in the mood so it just takes a bit more planning. I certainly don't feel guilty!!!
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