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Dead arm!

Yep i had both of these with my first!! Carpal tunnel was evil, I'd get it usually in the evenings, totally dead left arm!! And also sometimes a dead leg. It lasted all the way thu the pregnancy. And I had a lot of round ligament pain too but that eased up later on in the pregnancy. This time I've got both again image at least they are nothing to worry about re the baby! xxxx


  • I get a really strange numb area on my left upper thigh, swear I could put pins in it and not feel it.... Pregnancy weirds me out a bit. I feel like my body is not mine. Just a baby vessel.

  • Do you know my back ache has made a reappearence too. I dont remember any of this stuff from last time.

    Ha. I can't believe what a moaning old so and so I sound like, but already can't wait to have this baby, I dread to think what I will be like in another 20 weeks..... Omg another 20 weeks and I will still have weeks to go.

  • I'll join in with the moaning too heehee- constipation!!!! :'( This time it's terrible, feel like I'm going to explode. Got some fibogel, will take it b4 bed tonight!

  • I had carpel tunnel with my sons pregnancy. was so awful i had to wear a wrist guard on my left hand, even after he was born. and i no where ur coming from with the large sneeze thats happend to me quite a few times now and the pain is a real shock. and i think it disturbs baby as shortly after i have movements.

    Constipations Cant wait, i used lactalose in the last few months with my son it was that bad, even though i devoured 10 apples a day through cravings that didnt help.

    Oh the joys or pregnancy. im going to embrace it all though as a pregnancy to me is a blessing and i miss being pregnant once iv had baby image xxx

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