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weight gain?

has anyone been weighing themselves regularly? I started doing it when i found out as I have always been classed as dangerously underweight. I started at 7stone when i found out at 5 weeks, im 10weeks tomorrow and am now 8stone. im not sure if this is too much weight gain in 5 weeks or not, particularly as its still early days :-/


  • Hun I'm 9+5 I'm one day behind you and I've also put a stone on! image x
  • If I had to guess I'd say I've probs gained half a stone but I have had to force down food some days and I haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks ish. I had gained 4/5lbs then though. You are suppose to gain more if you're underweight to start with. I had a bmi of 24 ish before I was pg so I probably don't need to gain as much lol.

  • Dani - I wouldn't be surprised if you were having twins!! Judging by your lovely big bump. Not long until you find out??

    I gained around 4lbs between 5-7 weeks.. Now at almost 11 weeks I've lost it and have gone back to my pre-pregnancy weight. It's all the vomiting, which doesn't look like it will subside any time soon. Completely lost my appetite, feel like I only eat to survive, not because I really want to. image
  • Tinkerbell007 id be worried if i did have two lol, but only found one heart beat with the doppler so far. might have another listen tonight. im not sure when my scan is yet, i have the mw on thursday and she will book my scan then.

    Im glad im gaining weight just wasnt sure if it was a little too much for me in general. my midwife will say im sure. my apetite has been very good even when i was feeling sick, I just eat what i can stomach and what i want, iv only just started to be able to eat things like curry and stronger foods the past few days x

  • I have only gained a few pounds so far but not worried as got an obvious bump.

  • I weighed myself today and have lost 4lbs so far at 8/9 weeks image Not worried though as i lost half a stone in my first tri last time, then put on a healthy amount of weight in the rest of the pregnancy.

    Dani i wouldnt worry hun, your body knows what it's doing and you'll be gaining the right amount for u and baby xxxx

  • I've lost 4 pounds with sickness. I'm 13 weeks. Although I am overweight so not concerned. I had gestational diabetes last pregnancy and ended up being the same weight as the start of my pregnancy the day after she was born so that would be good again.
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