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Anyone analysing their nub??!

First off, I know I saud I want the surprise of a girl or boy at birth so this is is a bit hypocrticial of me.... but.... I cant resist, and as it is not a sure way of telling I would not set my heart on what I see.

But, is anyone looking at their 12 week scan to see if the nub is telling girl or boy?? (For anyone who has not come across this googling it will be the best way to get the details, but you can some times get an idictaion of gender if you can clearly see babys nub and dirtection of growth.)

last time wound loads of people told me my 12 week scan was clear as day as to gender,,, everyone said girl and it was. Here is a oic of my 12 week scan with Ella to show;



 This time the nub is not so clear, but, i think does angle up slightly, deffo no as clear as above though, and only slightly...



  • I might give that test a go. i go on impulse and on the heart beat. by the sound of my babys heart beat now i think im having a boy now image x

  • Hubby has just read about this so been looking at our pics which would suggest 2 boys! So we''ll see x
  • I have been trying to work ours out however baby's legs are crossed!!! I thought you could still see something but with the angle baby is on I wouldn't like to guess. I said I didn't want to know but hubs is desperate to so I have no idea if we'll find out!

  • We will definately find out if we can although if they are anything like yesterday at the scan they will be moving too much to see! x

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